90 Gifts page

October 1st – December 31st

As a nonprofit organization, Sedona Recycles belongs to YOU!

We serve you by collecting and processing your recyclables, we educate the public about waste reduction, reuse, and recycling every day,  and we work to positively impact the planet for all of us. 

For the past 31 years, Sedona Recycles has stayed true to our vision of educating the public about the Three R’s and providing a source for real recycling. This hasn’t always been easy, and right now it seems harder than ever. Each day we continue to do our best to help our environment and serve our community. But the public often thinks of us differently than other nonprofits because we sell recyclable materials as part of our operation. Although sales are a necessary part of our work, we cannot rely on this fluctuating income. Rather, we rely on support from local governments and from community members like you.

Our organization would not survive without donations from those of you who believe in recycling and the value of our hard work. Simply stated, we cannot grow and thrive as a community organization if we subsist solely on material sales. The financial support of our community and those who believe in recycling is what keeps Sedona Recycles running day to day.

As we embark on our annual 90 Gifts in 90 Days fundraiser, we hope that you will see the tremendous value that Sedona Recycles provides to the community and support our efforts with a financial gift. You – as recyclers and supporters – are the lifeblood of our operation. We absolutely couldn’t have the impact that we do without you.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and support!


Please support one of the following programs

One month of employing our sorters from Rainbow Acres Ranch – $4,000

Funds the employment of developmentally disabled adults from Rainbow Acres Ranch on our material sorting line.

One year of household battery recycling – $2,000

Your donation covers the annual cost of sorting and safely recycling all batteries collected at Sedona Recycles.

One month of collecting and processing Styrofoam – $1,000

Fully funds Styrofoam recycling collection for one month, the only program of its kind in Arizona.

Sorting and processing 1,800 pounds of water bottles – $500

Your donation covers the cost of recovering, sorting, and processing three bales of plastic bottles, for remanufacturing at domestic recycling plants.


Care for Sammy and the recycling cats – $100

One month of cat food for our greeter, Sammy, and his family.


General operating support – any $ amount

Your donation will help keep our operation running, supporting wages, insurance costs, utilities, repair and maintenance, and new equipment.

Thank you for supporting Sedona Recycles and helping your community recycling center grow and thrive!