Household Composting Tips

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Household composting is another form of recycling.   Composting your food scraps and yard trimmings not only reduces the amount of garbage you produce, it also creates healthy soil that you can add to your garden or lawn. Here is … Continued

Frequently Asked

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Is Sedona Recycles owned/operated by the City of Sedona? Is Sedona Recycles affiliated with Verde Earthworks curbside recyclers? Where can I recycle? What can I recycle? Who can use the Sedona Recycles drop-off sites? How should I sort my recyclables? … Continued

Recyclable lightweighting has pros and cons

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Meghan Kincheloe, Sedona Recycles Sedona Red Rock News January 16, 2013 Since recycling first caught on in the 1970s, the products we recycle have changed drastically. Not only are there more types of plastics, tons of electronics, and more polystyrene … Continued

Positive Peer Pressure and Recycling

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Want to know how you can increase local recycling participation? Look no further than the mirror. Read about positive peer pressure and your role in recycling in our latest article in the Sedona Red Rock News.

Battery Collection Update

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We are no longer collecting batteries at New Frontiers Natural Marketplace on the first Thursday of each month. Batteries are now collected at Sedona Recycles seven days a week, 8am-4pm. Please bring your batteries inside the facility and read the … Continued

Big Mack Saves Fuel and Labor Costs

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By Susan Johnson, Sedona Red Rock News August 29, 2008 Sedona Recycles took possession of a new 2007 Mack compactor truck and 81 new recycling bins this week. The new equipment allows the nonprofit to significantly expand its free recycling … Continued

Zero Waste Workshop a Huge Success!

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June 23, 2008 On Saturday, June 21, Sedona Recycles and Keep Sedona Beautiful hosted a Zero Waste Workshop as part of the KSB Environmental Issues Workshop Series. Sedona Recycles Executive Director Jill McCutcheon spoke to attendees about the importance of … Continued