90 Gifts in 90 Days fundraiser needs you

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October is here and our 2nd annual 90 Gifts in 90 Days fundraiser is in full swing! Last year’s fundraiser was a huge success, as well as our first real foray into fundraising in many years. As you well know, fundraising is absolutely essential for nonprofit organizations, but we have often let this necessary task fall to the wayside while we kept our focus on keeping waste out of the landfill and educating the public.

On the surface, we do not resemble most of the other wonderful nonprofit organizations that serve Sedona and the Verde Valley. We have a very dirty job, one that people like to forget about. Because, honestly, who really wants to think about sorting through other people’s refuse? However, just like Sedona Humane Society, Verde Valley Sanctuary, Sedona Public Library, and all the other organizations that serve our community, we are providing a necessary philanthropic service that makes our world a better place. We don’t do it to make money or to earn accolades; we do it because we care.

The staff, board, and volunteers at Sedona Recycles work hard to provide so many important services. We operate 14 recycling drop-off sites that are free to the public, collect and process what may be the widest range of recyclable items in the state of Arizona, provide educational programs and recycling bins for local schools, and so much more. Every dollar that you donate to Sedona Recycles helps us strengthen and expand these programs so we can do more for you.

Last year’s 90 Gifts in 90 Days fundraiser raised more than $22,000. These donations supported our Styrofoam recycling program for six months, expanded our education programs to include weekly resource conservation classes at several schools, and funded our bottle-to-bottle glass recycling program, the only one of its kind in Northern Arizona. We are so grateful to everyone that donated and supported our mission.

These programs are important. They are what make Sedona Recycles completely irreplaceable. If your Styrofoam isn’t brought to us it is being buried in the landfill. If your glass is “recycled” anywhere else in Northern Arizona it is being used as landfill cover. We are the only recycling provider that is truly committed to recycling and reducing waste for the good of the planet, not profit.

Because of this commitment, it is impossible for us to fulfill our mission without public support. Sedonans do not expect the library to rely on income from used book sales, nor do we think the Humane Society can operate solely on income from its thrift stores. Sedona Recycles cannot and should not be expected to operate entirely on income from material sales and service contracts. Did you know that we actually pay to recycle some of the materials we receive? Every time you drop off your plastic cups and yogurt tubs, we pay to ship those materials for recycling, on top of our sorting and processing costs. There is no other recycling center we know of that is so committed to the benefits of recycling.

A few weeks ago, the U.S. Energy Secretary said in an interview that recycling is one of the most important steps the public can take to address global climate change. If you believe in the importance of our mission and want to help us continue this work, please make a contribution to our 90 Gifts in 90 Days fundraiser. Sedona is so lucky to have an organization that his been committed to this important work for more than 25 years, and with your help we can make our dreams reality. Please help us get 100% of local schools on board with effective recycling programs. Help us teach the public that it is not recycling if it all goes in your garbage can. Support our programs to ensure that infinitely recyclable materials such as glass do not end up in landfills. And help us fulfill the dream that so many of us have to make Sedona a truly exemplary community in Arizona and the world. This is within our reach if we all commit to making it a reality.

Our 90 Gifts in 90 Days fundraiser runs from now until December 31st. We have a $25,000 goal, but we hope that the support of the community will help us far exceed that. We believe in you and we hope that you believe in us. To make a donation, please visit www.sedonarecycles.org or visit our recycling center at 2280 Shelby Dr. Thank you for your support!


Meghan Kincheloe, Sedona Recycles

Sedona Red Rock News

October 19, 2016