Event Recycling

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Events recycle too Meghan Kincheloe, Director of Community Development Sedona Recycles   Events are the spice of life here in Sedona. From film to art, wine to raw food, native plants to Celtic harvests, and jazz festivals to marathons, Sedona … Continued

Sedona Recycles: Education comes first

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Sedona Recycles has been around Sedona and the Verde Valley since 1989, and its philosophies existed long before that. Many people think that we are just a ‘bottles and cans’ kind of place; the guys that have those free drop-off … Continued

Carton Recycling

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Carton recycling: it’s complicated Meghan Kincheloe, Director of Community Development Sedona Recycles   Those of you who are avid recyclers may lament that there is one type of container that remains in your trash can time after time: the milk, … Continued

The true meaning of recycling

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The true meaning of recycling Meghan Kincheloe Sedona Recycles   Each month I tell you the secrets of recycling: what is recyclable and reusable, how recycling centers and global recycling markets function, and what the impacts of recycling are on … Continued

Sedona Recycles, One of a kind

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When Sedona Recycles began operation of the Community Recycling Facility on Shelby Drive in 1996 the City of Sedona was right there with us. They supported the idea and the mission and have been there with us all the way … Continued

Recyclable lightweighting has pros and cons

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Meghan Kincheloe, Sedona Recycles Sedona Red Rock News January 16, 2013 Since recycling first caught on in the 1970s, the products we recycle have changed drastically. Not only are there more types of plastics, tons of electronics, and more polystyrene … Continued

Positive Peer Pressure and Recycling

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Want to know how you can increase local recycling participation? Look no further than the mirror. Read about positive peer pressure and your role in recycling in our latest article in the Sedona Red Rock News.

Battery Collection Update

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We are no longer collecting batteries at New Frontiers Natural Marketplace on the first Thursday of each month. Batteries are now collected at Sedona Recycles seven days a week, 8am-4pm. Please bring your batteries inside the facility and read the … Continued