Successful partnership with Rainbow Acres

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In 2000 Sedona Recycles began a partnership with fellow nonprofit organization Rainbow Acres. This relationship has continued for the past 16 years and is a true success story. For those of you unfamiliar with Rainbow Acres the ranch is located on 27 acres in Camp Verde off Middle Verde Road and has been serving the needs of developmentally disabled adults for the last 39 years. Rainbow Acres provides an extraordinary opportunity for the 100 residents of the ranch. These lucky individuals have the very best in care and opportunities for growth that one could possibly imagine. The residents of Rainbow Acres have beautiful homes to live in, loving and supportive caregivers and staff, exceptional art programs and first rate therapies that are cutting edge. The ranch also has a jobs program and that is how Sedona Recycles became involved with Rainbow Acres.

We have worked alongside the ranchers from Rainbow Acres on our sorting line and they are an integral part of our staff. We currently employ 10 ranchers with the hopes of being able to hire more ranchers in the very near future. The ranch sends a rotating crew of five ranchers 5 days per week and we could not do what we do without them. We would love to expand our job opportunities for the ranchers and are searching for funding for this expansion. The current crew does the hands on work of sorting plastics and cans with skill and dedication to our mission of responsible resource recovery. They are truly invested in the work we do and believe in the importance of recycling. One rancher who was unable to work on the sorting line continues his work at the ranch by collecting their recyclables and taking them to the drop off site that Sedona Recycles has in place at the ranch. The skills learned and the respect for the recycling process extends beyond being just a job for the ranchers but is part of the lifestyle at Rainbow Acres.

Now a little more about Rainbow Acres and the important role it plays in the lives of those that reside at the ranch. Rainbow Acres was founded 39 years ago by Dr. Ralph Showers. Dr. Showers dreamed of creating a place where adults with developmental disabilities could lead lives guided by meaning, purpose, dignity and spiritual strength. The fulfillment of this dream is seen when you visit Rainbow Acres or have the privilege of working with and getting to know the ranchers. They are truly exceptional individuals who are the embodiment of Dr. Showers dream.

In 1996 Gary Wagner became the President and CEO of Rainbow Acres and continued the philosophy of the “whole life concept” developed by Dr. Showers. Over the last 20 years he has introduced and developed exceptional programs which include the Yamaha Clavinova connection, Neurodevelopment based on Glenn Dolman, Carl Delagato methods and Fine Art Painting with instructors Michael Redhawk and Marlys Mallet. The ranchers also participate in weaving using fabric and denim creating art from reused materials as well as many other craft projects. The ranch is truly a place of learning and creativity. Rainbow Acres also has a state of the art computer lab, continuing education programs, a multi media library, total equine training and greenhouses for growing their own food. The ranchers participate in all these programs and you can just see them blossom as they are being challenged by the wonderful activities and experiences that are provided for them.

Thirty ranchers are employed in our local communities and are dedicated employees. Ranchers that work at Sedona Recycles include those that have been with us for over 15 years, quite an accomplishment. The jobs program at the ranch is always expanding and the possibilities are endless. The rancher’s commitment to their jobs is something very special and we consider ourselves lucky to be an employer chosen to work with the ranch. If you have not visited Rainbow Acres you are encouraged to do so. You will truly be amazed by what you will see there. Joyful engaged people experiencing the best possible environment with a caring and loving staff that is dedicated to those they serve.

Sedona Recycles has been blessed to have this relationship with the ranchers. They have taught us important life lessons on a daily basis. Their dedication and work ethic is truly inspiring. Our partnership with Rainbow Acres has been a win-win from the beginning. This perfect pairing of two local nonprofits providing the best recycling possible in Sedona and the Verde Valley is a match made in heaven. We invite you to come by and tour the recycling facility and meet the ranchers it is an experience you will never forget. We also encourage you to consider making a donation to both of our nonprofits to strengthen our programs which provide so much to our local communities. Visit our websites at and for more information.


Jill McCutcheon, Sedona Recycles

Sedona Red Rock News

March 15, 2017