Sedona Recycles is a unique nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about waste reduction, reuse, and recycling, as well as providing a model recycling facility to help accomplish these goals. Founded in 1989, Sedona Recycles has grown from a few donated newspaper recycling bins to a full-fledged multi-stream recycling facility.

Mission Statement

Sedona Recycles is dedicated to demonstrating responsible resource recovery. With full community participation, we will promote and provide opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Vision Statement

Sedona Recycles is a grassroots organization defined by the dedication of our staff, volunteers, and the community to support recycling efforts and provide innovative solutions to reduce waste. We strive to provide a positive community service in a friendly atmosphere, maintaining our ideals while getting the job done. By providing  recycling services and public education, we reduce the volume of post-consumer waste buried in the local landfill and serve as the Verde Valley’s authoritative resource on solid waste reduction.