Sedona Recycles offers free educational opportunities for all ages. Our Education and Community Outreach Coordinator, Jean Turocy, spent eight years working in education before coming to Sedona Recycles. Jean has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, with a minor in Chemistry, and tailors each presentation to your group. Please contact Jean at or (928) 204-1185 to schedule a tour or presentation.


Visitors are welcome to request a brief tour at any time, dependent on staff availability. We offer a weekly tour of the facility every Wednesday at 9am.


Educational opportunities include:

  • Custom tours
    • Reinforce concepts: tours can tie in Arizona state education standards.
    • Available for all ages and grade levels.
    • Need to do a science or community service project? We can help!
  • Lesson Plans
    • Developed by our Education and Community Outreach Coordinator, our lesson plans are developed for grades 1-8 and can easily be tailored to fit Common Core or other educational standards.
  • Custom classes
    • What do you want to learn about? Contact us with your wish list and we will create a class with topics just for your group. Discussion will be age/grade level appropriate.
  • Boy Scout Merit Badge classes
    • Can receive badges for Sustainability, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Nature, and Pulp & Paper.
    • We cover approximately 60% of the topics required for the badge.
    • Class includes tour of facility and hands on learning activities.
  • Presentations for schools, clubs, HOAs, churches, and other organizations
    • We give an informative talk with Q and A.
    • Tailored to the interests of your organization.
    • Available during work hours, evenings, and weekends.
  • Volunteering
    • There is no better way to learn about recycling than to immerse yourself in the process. Volunteer opportunities are available for all ages and can be arranged for both individuals and groups.