These lessons are a mix of games, activities, and discussions to get students actively involved in the role they play in caring for our environment. Each lesson was created or adapted to address specific topics where education is lacking. The goal is to change everyday, habitual behaviors into the conscious choices of an environmentally aware member of the community.

When searching for ready-made lesson plans on the internet, we found that free lessons were often nothing more than a word search or membership was required to access the plans. We wanted lessons that could be adapted to multiple age groups and either covered Common Core topics or could be easily adapted to include these topics.

We have chosen to make these lessons available because we have an obligation to give our children the best education possible. Caring for the ecosystems that sustain us is a necessary part of that education. We will continue to add to this page as we develop additional lesson plans. There are also excellent lesson plans available from Recycle Utah.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Race and Recycle Race Kit (grades 1-8)

The Earth Needs You (grades 3-8)

Down the Drain (grades 3-12)

Leave No Trace Outdoor Art (grades 4-8)

Direct and Virtual Water Footprint (grades 4-8)

Natural Resource to Retail (grades 4-8)

Fair Trade Chocolate (grades 4-12)

Herbal Who Am I? (all grades)